VSBIT's mission is to serve the needs of Vermont Schools!

For over thirty-five years, VSBIT has served Vermont school districts by offering cost effective and innovative risk management services. Our philosophy is to offer programs and services only if our presence will make a meaningful difference in preserving the educational resources of our members.

Today, VSBIT maintains or sponsors a variety of programs to assist schools with the management of risk. The Multi-Line Program offers schools broad based property & casualty coverage, aggressive claims management, and proactive risk management solutions. The School Management Resource Center (SMRC) offers expert advice in the field of physical plant management as well as support in the areas of human resources and policy development. Our Unemployment Program allows member schools a way to smooth out rates and allow for more predictable budgeting.

In addition to our programs, VSBIT offers various training and professional development opportunities. Our annual Spring Conference focuses on emerging legal and administrative issues while our new state-of-the-art training room allows for workshops and trainings on school management topics that administrators deal with on a more routine basis.

Our commitment is to conduct all our programs and services in a collaborative, comprehensive and fiscally responsible manner.

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If you have any questions regarding our organization or its offerings, please browse this site or Contact Us.