VSBIT Multi-Line Cybersecurity Package

In Partnership with RPA and Gates Consulting

We partnered with RPA and Gates Consulting who administers more than 30 self-insured pools like VSBIT and routinely provide cybersecurity services directly to pool members. In this partnership we will be offering members the following package:

  1. The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is the initial step in helping districts understand threats to and vulnerabilities of their information systems. This service begins with a risk assessment survey and provides a prioritized list of risks. Suggested audience is IT Managers, Business Managers, and Risk Managers; Estimated effort is 2 hours for initial assessment, and 1 hour to review the follow up report.
  2. An external vulnerability scan will be conducted quarterly, and a report of any identified vulnerabilities and remediation guidance will be provided. Typical IT staff effort is 2 hours to setup the scan, and follow up to review the vulnerability scan report.
  3. IT Policy Templates and Cyber Incident Response Planning: Organizations can utilize and customize policies from your pool administrator.
  4. vCISO for MFA: 1 hour of virtual guidance per member on MFA implementation or other needs.
  • Optional Add: Security Phishing and Awareness solution will include testing and training to member staff. This testing will typically be accomplished through the submission of a “phishing” email to identified staff, and evaluation of the response of staff to this “phishing” email, or through a training/educational email that may include a video, quiz, etc.

The total discounted cost of items 1-4 is $2,950 with the optional add of $1000 for Security Phishing and Awareness.

VSBIT Multi-Line is contributing $2,500 to this via our cybersecurity grant bringing down the cost to $450. For more information on our grants please go here. Note, our Safety Assistance grant can also be used to cover cybersecurity initiatives such as this offering.

To learn more you can watch the recording of our webinar here.

To sign-up please fill out the following online form here.

This does not commit you to any services until the letter of agreement is signed. We will contact you with more details, billing, and scheduling after completion of this form.

Any questions please contact Ben Prevost, ben@vsbit.org.