Risk Management Webinars

Recorded Webinars

Check out our past recorded webinars below! Feel free to reach out to the risk management team if you have any questions on the material or recommendations for future trainings.

Safety Culture Dynamics

The essence of safety culture resides in people’s beliefs about the importance of safety, including what they think their co-workers, supervisors and leaders really believe about safety’s value. It is demonstrated through attitudes, accepted norms and behaviors. It is about how things work and “the way things are done around here.” Safety culture represents the priority given to safety at all levels of your organization and reflects the real commitment to safety. Join this webinar for action steps to help grow your safety culture.

VT School Bus Laws

Presented by Patrick J. McManamon, Highway Safety Specialist, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, Enforcement and Safety Division.

The Technology You Need in Your School FM Programs

In this session you will learn about technologies that Facility Manager’s need to improve maintenance, asset management, project management, retention of institutional knowledge, capital planning/budgeting, and compliance/risk management. In the past, we feared that technology was taking jobs, but now with staff shortages we must leverage technology to improve how we manage our dated school infrastructure. Presented by Ben Prevost, Risk Management Consultant, VSBIT Multi-Line

Safety Team Webinar Series Topic #1 – Starting (or rejuvenating) Your Safety Team

The who, what, why, when, how often, etc. of putting together a safety team (or rejuvenating the one you have). If you are starting from scratch, we suggest you form a sub-committee of your School Crisis Planning Team.

Is Everyone at Your School Wearing the Proper Footwear to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls?

Most of the school injury claims we see are due to slips, trips, and falls from wet, icy, and/or snowy surfaces. Let’s make sure everyone has the right footwear for the conditions (on the way to/from school, at school, and on the playground).

Mercury Spill Training for Schools

Did you know that mercury is a problem that every school needs to be prepared for? Some everyday items contain mercury. Even if your school is mercury-free, children or adults who are unaware of the hazard may bring mercury into your school. In this workshop you will learn about mercury and how to prepare for and respond to a spill. Presented by Michelle Thompson, MPH, Public Health Industrial Hygienist, Vermont Department of Health

Green Cleaning Solutions

Learn best practices for safe and effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to get the job done while protecting building occupants from acute and long-term chemical harm, including asthma. Find out if you are in compliance with VT’s 2012 Act 68 School Green Cleaning Law and what you can expect from your vendors and other resources to help. Carol Westinghouse and Charen Fegard, from Informed Green Solutions, have over three decades combined experience in public health, from administering OSHA programs, working in the Civil Service’s Haz-Mat/Environmental Compliance Division, to 20 years working in schools, early child education, colleges and eldercare facilities. Their services are sponsored by the VT Department of Health (no cost to you).

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems

Presented by Dawn Safine, Traveler’s Risk Control Account Executive. 1. Learn how to identify sprinkler components, understand sprinkler maintenance and testing requirements and the operation of sprinkler systems 2. Impairments – steps to take in the event of a planned or unplanned impairment 3. Identify the different types of sprinkler systems, namely – wet pipe and dry pipe systems 4. Understand ways that sprinklers can fail

Learning About Certificates of Insurance

Contractual risk transfer is an important component of managing risk. One large piece of that is certificates of insurance. This is especially significant when dealing with 3rd party vendors and contractors. Learn what kind of insurance requirements you should be looking for, how to request certificates of insurance, and how to verify they are sufficient. Presented by Jordan Bergeron, VSBIT Multi-line Assistant Program Manager

S.NO.W. = Say NO to Wipeouts!

A new, safety awareness and accident prevention program aimed at reducing injuries from slips, trips, and falls year-round. This is an informational meeting to explain more about the program and the initiatives you can take at your schools. Anyone (everyone) can be safety advocates for your school. Presented by Heidi Joyce, VSBIT Multi-line Risk Management Consultant

Vermont School Lab (Hazardous Chemical) Safety Webinar

Presented by Shawn Barth, Industrial Hygienist, Vermont Department of Labor This presentation will review the steps necessary to anticipate, evaluate, recognize and control the use of hazardous chemicals in school laboratories. Information communicated during this presentation will also review OSHA’s Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories regulation and how this regulation may or may not apply to school labs.

Thermal Camera Applications for Managing Risk at Your School

Presented by Jim Fritz, President of the Snell Group in Barre will present on the applications of thermal camera imaging in the school setting.

School Fire Prevention and Life Safety

Presented by Micheal Greenia, Assistant State Fire Marshal, Section Chief, Public Education, VT Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety presents this webinar on the importance of fire prevention and Life Safety at your school.

Creating a Safe School Theater Environment

Presented by Eric Durett, ETCP Certified Theatrical Rigger, and Owner of Lakeman Theatrical Services. For school theater and facility staff - in this session you will learn how to manage a safe school theater environment. We will also discuss preventing hazardous theater environments, such as electrical safety, rigging, fire safety, and theater construction.

Electrical Safety at Your School

Presented by Randy Yandow from WorkSafe New England. During this webinar, you will learn about the hazards of electricity, electrical programs, Lockout/Tagout, inspections, and methods required to maintain your electrical panels safely.

School Cleaning Programs

Presented by Brant Insero from the ISSA. This webinar will help you develop a school cleaning program that revolves around safety. COVID has required us to change the way we clean so let us learn how these changes will continue to be instituted in our cleaning programs.

Preventing Slip, Trips, and Falls

Presented by the Risk Management team. Slips, trips, and falls are the #1 cause of injuries at schools throughout Vermont. During this webinar, learn how to proactively identify, reduce and/or prevent these injuries from occurring at your school

Playground Safety and Maintenance

Presented by the Risk Management team. With our shared experiences inspecting playgrounds, we will take you through the typical playground hazards we see at schools and then discuss how to correct them. Additionally, we will go over playground maintenance for your playground equipment materials (plastics, metal, and wood).