Risk Management Webinars

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Past Recorded Webinars

Check out our past recorded webinars below! Feel free to reach out to the risk management team if you have any questions on the material or recommendations for future trainings.

Vermont School Lab (Hazardous Chemical) Safety Webinar

Presented by Shawn Barth, Industrial Hygienist, Vermont Department of Labor This presentation will review the steps necessary to anticipate, evaluate, recognize and control the use of hazardous chemicals in school laboratories. Information communicated during this presentation will also review OSHA’s Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories regulation and how this regulation may or may not apply to school labs.

Thermal Camera Applications for Managing Risk at Your School

Presented by Jim Fritz, President of the Snell Group in Barre will present on the applications of thermal camera imaging in the school setting.

School Fire Prevention and Life Safety

Presented by Micheal Greenia, Assistant State Fire Marshal, Section Chief, Public Education, VT Department of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety presents this webinar on the importance of fire prevention and Life Safety at your school.

Creating a Safe School Theater Environment

Presented by Eric Durett, ETCP Certified Theatrical Rigger, and Owner of Lakeman Theatrical Services. For school theater and facility staff - in this session you will learn how to manage a safe school theater environment. We will also discuss preventing hazardous theater environments, such as electrical safety, rigging, fire safety, and theater construction.

Electrical Safety at Your School

Presented by Randy Yandow from WorkSafe New England. During this webinar, you will learn about the hazards of electricity, electrical programs, Lockout/Tagout, inspections, and methods required to maintain your electrical panels safely.

School Cleaning Programs

Presented by Brant Insero from the ISSA. This webinar will help you develop a school cleaning program that revolves around safety. COVID has required us to change the way we clean so let us learn how these changes will continue to be instituted in our cleaning programs.