Facility Education and Development Program (FEDP)

We are happy to introduce the new Facility Education and Development Program to all public schools in the state of Vermont! We have partnered with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), which is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. Our partnership with IFMA offers an internationally recognized Essentials of Facility Management training and the Facility Management ProfessionalTM (FMP®) credential program.

Our goal with FEDP is to provide schools with the tools and information to better protect and conserve their facilities. With a need and desire for professional development amongst school facilities staff, we’re happy to provide cost effective opportunities to learn and grow our Vermont school facility teams. These opportunities will lead to better educational facilities that we believe will make a meaningful difference.

Note: Multi-Line members have access to the school management training grant that covers up to $1,000. Click here to apply for the grant.

Facility Management Professional (FMP®)

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more: Watch Here


Ideal for Facility directors and managers with 1-3 years of experience. Online access to all material, requiring 40 to 50 hours of self-study, will cost you only $950 (regularly $1,850). This discount is provided upon completion of the Essentials of Facility Management.

The FMP® certification is a knowledge-based credential and is ANSI Accredited. This is a great opportunity for school facility personnel to gather the critical knowledge in the facilities profession. The entire training and assessments are offered online through IFMA’s platform and are self-guided with 2 years to complete. Upon registering you will have access to the reading materials online and must complete the interactive study tools for each course. You must pass each of the four online assessments in order to receive your FMP® credential. After completing the four assessments you will be asked to fill out an FMP® Application for your credential.

4 Core Competencies

1) Finance and Business

  • Finance and Business in the Facility Organization
  • Financial Management of the Facility Organization
  • Procurement in the Facility Organization
  • Contracts in the Facility Organization

2) Leadership and Strategy

  • Plan Strategically
  • Lead and Manage the Facility Organization
  • Provide Leadership to the Entire Organization

3) Operations and Maintenance

  • Introduction to Operations and Maintenance
  • Assess Facility Needs
  • Manage/Oversee Operations and Maintenance of Building, Systems, and Equipment
  • Manage/Oversee Occupant Services
  • Select the Best Resources
  • Measure Operations and Maintenance Performance

4) Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Define Projects
  • Plan Projects
  • Manage and Oversee Projects
  • Close Projects

For more information on the new trainings you can contact Ben Prevost by e-mail: ben@vsbit.org or telephone: 802-223-6132, ext. 220. Thank You!

Essentials of Facility Management

To be continued...

Ideal for all who have an interest or say in managing school facilities. In-house training and online access to all 10 modules will cost you only $250 (regularly $590)!

Essentials of Facility Management Modules

  1. Intro to Facilities Management
  2. Intro to Operations and Maintenance
  3. The Basics of Building Systems
  4. The Application of Technology
  5. The Implications of Health and Safety
  6. Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management
  7. Applying Work Management to Building Systems
  8. Work Management Tools in FM
  9. Managing Contracts in FM
  10. Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in FM