VSBIT FY 21 Virtual Trainings

The below training will be virtual. All registered participants will receive a link to access the training once the registration process has been completed.


Repeat Session - To continue to support its members VSBIT is offering another repeat session of the Title IX training. Another full-day virtual training will occur on Monday, February 8, 2021, from 9am - 3pm with a 45 minute break for lunch.

On August 14, 2020, the regulations governing Title IX’s newly announced definition of “sexual harassment” came into full effect, dramatically changing the duties for K-12 schools in responding to allegations of sexual harassment, either between students, or employees.

Led by panel counsel Heather Lynn, Esq. and Pietro Lynn, Esq. Topics covered will include Title IX’s definition of “sexual harassment,” Title IX Coordinator responsibilities, and a step by step explanation of Title IX’s new “Grievance Process.”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Title IX Coordinators, Title IX Investigators (which, by regulation, can NOT be the same person as the Title IX Coordinator), anyone who may serve as Title IX Decision-Makers.

Heather Thomas Lynn, Esq. and Pietro Lynn, Esq. have developed a model policy for schools which can be found here.

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The cost for each training is $50.00. Your SU/SD will be invoiced after the training has been completed.

Cancellation Policy: Once registered, funds are due and refunds will not be available. Registrants may swap their position with another staff member at any time. Inquiries regarding special considerations should be directed to Ken Canning. You can contact Ken by e-mail: kenc@vsbit.org or telephone: 802-223-6132, ext. 207